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Feedback Post

We want to know your opinion on how we're running the scifibigbang challenge. What did you like? Were there things that you didn't like? Things you think we should change?

We want to make sure that every participant has the best experience possible and are constantly striving to improve our comm. So: comments, questions, or concerns -- leave them here!

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Resource Post

If there are any problems with any of the links, if there is research in a particular area or additional links that you would like to suggest we add, or if there are any canon/reference/resource/meta comms out there for any sci-fi or fantasy fandoms that we have missed, don't hesitate to let us know!

General Resources
Art Resources
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Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Other Language Resources
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World-Building Tools
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Writing/Editing Resources and Articles/Blogs
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Research Resources
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LJ Comms
fandom_grammar multilingual little_details ask_a_cop military_beta science_beta britpickery multinationbeta sga_canada_help college_help

Fandom Specific Resources

Battlestar Galactica
bsg_canon Battlestar Galactica Wiki:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
btvsangel_canon angelquotes
Buffyverse Dialogue Database:
The BTVS Writers' Guild:
The Angel Zone of the BTVS Writers' Guild:
Slayerverse gallery:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel Wiki:

Doctor Who/The Sarah Jane Adventures/Torchwood
dwcanon_fodder dw_britglish who_beta tw_transcripts
Who Transcripts:
Doctor Who Wiki:

DC Comics/Marvel Comics
canonistas comics_scans
DC Comics Wiki:
Marvel Comics Wiki:

Consequence Free:
Firefly Wiki:

Harry Potter
hp_betas hp_britglish
Spells used in the "Harry Potter" Series:
Harry Potter Spells:
Harry Potter Glossary - Spells and Charms: -- also has links to Timeline, Character Listing, Monster Listing, Magical Term Glossary, and Location Listing at the end of the page
Harry Potter Lexicon:
--which also has some great maps of hogwarts:
Harry Potter Wiki:

Horatio Hornblower/Master and Commander/Other Age of Sail Fandoms
aos_resources kiss_me_hardy
Comprehensive Hornblower Fan Site:
Horatio Hornblower Wiki:

merlin_betas scrying_bowl
Merlin Wiki:

One Piece/Pirates of the Caribbean/Other Pirate Fandoms
One Piece (In French):
Erin's Historical and Nautical Notes:
Elke's Pirates of the Caribbean Fandom Page:
Writer's Resouce: Historical and Technical Info:
One Piece Wiki:
Pirates of the Caribbean Wiki:

Star Trek (All Series)
klingon wani_ra_yakana
Daystrom Institute Technical Library:
Memory Alpha:
Star Trek Online:
The Official Star Trek Site:

Stargate (All Series)
sga_beta sga_canada_help sga_reference
Stargate Wiki:

spn_possession spn_caps spn_betas
Supernatural Wiki:

Other Fandom Wiki Links
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darkangel_bb: The Dark Angel Big Bang Challenge
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history_bigbang: Fandom & History Collide
bjt_bigbang: Writing challenge for the Realm of the Blood
alphas_syfy: The #1 Community For The SyFy Original Series, Alphas
dystopiabigbang: is a multi-fandom Big Bang challenge for dystopia fanfics.
bleachbigbang: A big bang challenge for the manga/anime BLEACH written by Tite Kubo.
torchwood_fest: A year-round Torchwood fanfic fest

Comment to this post if you would like to affiliate with the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Big Bang (scifibigbang).